We are sold out of 2018 kids, thanks to everyone who showed interest and that bought kids from us last year. We will have more kids in March-April 2019. The 2018 kids were very flashy and colorful with unique color patterns and a few had moonspots. Four sets of Triplets and 2 sets of twins. The names and prices of each kid we sold in 2018 is directly under their respective pictures.   


Lucky x Betty       ( Triplets, 2 does 1 buck born April 9th)


Tri-colored buckskin Black, brown and white Doe. For sale $400.00 ( Miracle)

Sold, Thanks Sally in Texas



Tri-colored brown, black and white, moonspots Doe, blue eyes.  For sale $425.00  (Paint)

Sold, Thanks Sally In Texas  


Tri-colored buckskin brown, black and white with moonspots Buck. Blue eyes. For sale $350.00 (Spot)

Sold, Thanks Elizabeth in Missouri     

Lucky x Cocoa       (1 Doe 1 Buck Born Easter Sunday April 1st)


Tri-colored Doe moonspots. For sale $400.00  (Easter)

Sold, Thanks Zachary in Arkansas  


Tri-colored red brown and white Buck  brown eyed for sale $250.00  (Gizmo)

Sold, Thanks Becky in Missouri

 Lucky x Oreo        (Triplets, 2 Does 1 Buck Born April 5th )



Tri-colored white red black and  brown spotted Buck   (Geronimo) Deceased

Geronimo was such a friendly and loving little guy. May He rest in peace after battling a liver problem


Tri-colred Brown, black and white bucksin Doe Blue eyes. For sale $375.00  (April)

Sold, Thanks Sally in Texas


Dark Black and brown Buckskin Doe with white on poll. For sale $375.00 ( lil Britches) 

Sold, Thanks Katelyn in Arkansas 


Willy x Genie     (Triplets, 1 Doe 2 bucks born April 8th)

Genie's Sire is the 2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Buck Jazzy


 Rust Colored buckskin with beige/white Doe. Blue eyes.  For sale $375.00  (Fiesty)

Sold ,Thanks Sally in Texas


Black Grey and white buckskin  Buck. Brown eyed. For sale $250.00  (King) 

Sold, Thanks Becky in Missouri

King is super friendly will cuddle in your lap and He is the boss of the bucklings. Very nice conformation, great bloodlines. 


Willy x Autumn     (Triplets, 1 doe 2 bucks born April 8th)


Black white and silver Buckskin, waddles, frosted ears Buck. blue eyes, very unusual color pattern. For sale $400.00 (Ringo)

Sold, Thanks Allison in Arkansas


Black white and gray buckskin Doe, with white belly and white star on head, frosted ears. For sale $ 350.00 (Diamond)

Sold, Thanks Ron & Charlotte in Arkansas


Black, silver and white buckskin Buck, frosted ears Brown eyed. For sale $250.00 (Flash)

Sold, Thanks Becky in Missouri

     Flash looks a lot like His brother ringo above and He is super friendly great conformation , very nice buckling

Willy x Rosa Bella   ( 1 Doe 1 Buck Born April 7th )

Rosa Bella's Sire is the 2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Buck JazzY


Light colored Buckskin rust colored with Beige and white markings Doe.  For sale $375.00  (Willow)

Sold, Thanks Ashley in Missouri



 Tri-colored Buckskin white, red and brown, blue eyed Buck. For sale $375.00 (Skipper)

Sold, Thanks Elizabeth In Missouri


All the kids get a ton of attention as soon as They hit the ground. They are Dam raised but friendly and loving like a bottle baby but without that clingy needy attitude bottle babies have. We start playing with the Kids and sitting in all of Their pens from day one and spend hours a day with them. They are climbing on Our backs, licking Our noses, jumping in Our laps, learning obstacles and They are Super Tame, healthy and Athletic.      


 We have a list started for 2019 kids which will be born late March early April 2019. If You are interested in reserving a doeling or buckling let Us know, so that we can put you on the call back list. Once the kids are born We would then need a $100.00 deposit to hold Your kid until weaning which will be between 10 and 12 weeks of age. Deposits are nonrefundable. Purchase prices will be between 350.00 and 450.00 dollars. The kids come with ADGA registration papers and can also be registered with AGS and NDGA. We pay for the registration papers with ADGA and transfer to new owner fees with ADGA. When paying a deposit or the full purchase price through Pay pal we pay those transaction fees as well.  The kids will have two rounds of CDT shots, wormed, disbudded and have Their identification tatoo before leaving  .


We can ship through the airlines to Registered Breeders. Buyer pays all costs associated with transport. Airline fees, crate, vet certificate etc. Would Ship from St Louis, Mo 


We do accept credit cards or cash. You can send payments through Paypal for a deposit on a Kid or purchase of a Kid. Please contact Us first before doing so. So that we know who you are and which kid you are purchasing. If You are not familiar with Pay Pal call Us and We can work another way for you to purchase a kid. 





Nigerian Dwarfs

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