The Does below were bred to our Bucks in the middle of October 2019 with 2020 kids now arriving  March 2020.We will post pictures as the kids are born and then call those people that have been put on a call list in the order they called are emailed Us. We would then need a 100.00 deposit on a kid to hold it for you. We don't wean the kids until about 9-10 weeks, then we milk test the Dams. Once the kids are weaned they can be picked up. We also try to work with everyone and can sometimes meet part way or get them delivered. If you want a kid with horns intact we would need to know which kid and be paid in full before they are 2 weeks old as that is when we disbud. To put a deposit on a kid go to the bottom of the 2019 kids sold page and select the buy now button. Please talk with us first before doing so. 



LUCKY                           X                           AUTUMN



Autumn kidded her third set of Triplets 04/01/20.  One Doeling and two Bucklings. The two bucklings below are the only two bucklings we have available out of Lucky this year.



First picture below is her first Buckling brownish red with black buckskin frosted ears  a little roaning on the shoulders with white markings on each side, waddles and blue eyes. (Hercules) $375.00  Sold Thanks Emily in Missouri









Second Buckling below: Dark rich black and brown white on sides buckskin white on poll frosted ears, waddles and brown eyes. (Zues) $375.00 Sold Thanks Derek & Arianthee in Arkansas






And her Doeling a blue eyed roan with waddles just like Momma. She is  Sold 450.00 






















LUCKY                                                  x                                              MOSCATO

Moscato is a half sister to a AGS National Champion Doe and a AGS Reserve National champion Doe. Moscato had one Doeling on March 6th. A beautiful  chestnut Doeling with 6 moonspots, brown eyes. (ROSCATO) Pictured below. $400.00 The only doeling available out of Lucky this year. SOLD: THANKS ROBERT & JENNIFER IN OKLAHOMA 





WILLY                                            x                                             GENIE

Genie had three Bucklings born on March 11th pictured below. Genie is a direct daughter to the 2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Buck JAZZY

The first Buckling pictured below.    red Black, brown and White Blue eyes. (SNAZZY) $350.00  SOLD: THANKS RANDY IN OKLAHOMA


The second Buckling pictured below:  Peach and rust colored buckskin looks like his dam Genie, Blue eyes. (ALADDIN) ($375.00) Sold: Thanks Josh & Rachel in Missouri


The third Buckling pictured below. Cream white and rust colored buckskin, brown eyes. (DUSTY) ($300.00)  Sold Thanks Derek & Arianthee in Arkansas 



WILLY                                                                                      COCOA

Cocoa had triplets March 17th St Patricks Day 2020. One buck and two does

The first picture below is the Buckling. He is a black, silver and white buckskin, Brown eyes. (LEPRECHAUN) $300.00  Sold Thanks Emily in Missouri 


The second kid is a Doeling. Choclate brown and white, couple of moonspots, brown eyes. (ST. PATTY) $350.00 SOLD: THANKS DILLON & KASITY IN MISSOURI 


The third kid is another Doeling multicolored paint black, brown red and white, a couple of moonspots white on poll brown eyes. (SHAMROCK) $375.00 SOLD: THANKS ROBERT & JENNIFER IN OKLAHOMA   





TROTTER (WILLY X BONNIE)                                                                     SPICE

Spice is a first freshener (2yr old) and had triplets on March 13th all three are girls. We are milking her and bottle feeding these three girls pictured below.

First Doeling  pictured below is white brown black grey spotted, couple moonspots, blue eyes (SAFFRON) $375.00 SOLD: THANKS DILLON & KASITY IN MISSOURI


Second Doeling below white black and cream, blue eyes is (GINGER) $375.00 SOLD: THANKS DILLON & KASITY IN MISSOURI


Third Doeling below silver white and black buckskin, blue eyes is (CINNAMON) $375.00 SOLD: THANKS DILLON & KASITY IN MISSOURI



RUSTY (WILLY x ROSA)                                                                         LATTE 

Latte kidded Triplets March 30th 2020. Two Doelings and One Buckling. The two doelings are available.

The first Doeling below: White cream black face brown eyed Doeling (Galao) $375.00. SOLD: THANKS BRADLEY & KAYLA IN MISSOURI



The second Doeling below: red and  brown with brown eyes, buckskin. (Mocha) $375.00. SOLD: THANKS BRADLEY & KAYLA IN MISSOURI




Lattes cute little Buckling that we lost. DECEASED

















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