2021 Kids will be here in late March early April 2021. We plan on reducing the herd by a few does after kidding. So! Twilight, Oreo and Spice will be available to purchase after they have kidded. Twilight and Oreo both have their dual milk stars with ADGA and AGS. Twilight is on hold, Oreo and Latte are sold.  


Lucky was bred to Twilight 3*M 2*D  Twilight is SOLD : $500.00 Thanks Jenna from Ottawa, Kansas 

Twilight on a unofficial one day milk test just produced 6lbs as a four yr old second freshener 

Twilight kidded on March 13,2021 and broke two of our Does record of Quintuplets (5). Twilight had Sextuplets (6) Four girls and two boys. All are doing great, We brought three in the house and are bottle feeding them and the other three are with Twilight.

The first bottle baby is Little Bit He needed a nap in the house after He was born as he was very tired. Little Bit is Brown with white on his poll, tip of his tale and little white markings on each side Blue eyes. Little Bit is $400.00 Buck  SOLD :  Thanks Bradley & Kayla from Springfield Missouri 



The second Bottle baby is Midnight. She is Black with white on her poll, frosted ears, white markings on each side Blue eyes. Midnight is $425.00 Doeling  SOLD:   Thanks Alexandra From Ava Missouri



The Third Bottle baby is Coconut a buckskin black and brown white on poll neck and face with white on tip of tale, Blue eyes. Coconut is $425.00 Doeling      Sold:   Thanks Diana from Paragould, Arkansas   


The next three are nursing on Twilight

Fourth baby is Star She is solid light Brown a little white star on her poll, Brown eyes. Star is $400.00 Doeling    Sold: Thanks Nathan & Allison from Wentzville, Missouri


Fifth baby is Moonbeam. She is solid brown a little white on the poll and tip of her tale with six black moonspots, brown eyes. Moonbeam is $425.00 Doeling.   Sold:  Thanks kasitye & Dillon from Dexter, Missouri


Last but not least number Six Funnyface a Red buckling with lots of white markings on his face white on his poll and white markings on his right side Blue eyes. Funnyface is $425.00 Buck  SOLD: Thanks Malerie from New Windsor, Illinois








Lucky was bred to Moscato. She is for sale $600.00 Sold: Thanks Malerie from New Windsor, Illinois 

Moscato had triplets March 26 One buckling and two doelings.

The first picture below is the Buck we call him Splash. He is multi colored and has brown eyes black moonspots . Splash is $425.00 Buck. Sold:  Thanks Matt from Poplar Bluff, Mo.


The Black and Brown Buckskin with white on her poll has blue eyes her name is Stella Rosa. She is $400.00 Doeling   Sold:  Thanks Diana from Paragould, Arkansas


Moscatos second doeling has a white spot on her side and a moonspot on her front left shoulder and a couple of moonspots on her back with brown eyes. Her name is Vignoles She is $425.00 Doeling     Sold:  Thanks Diana from Paragould, Arkansas 




Lucky was bred to Bonnie 1*D   Bonnie is sold: $550.00 Thanks Daniel & Tonya from Holden, Mo

Bonnie kidded March 14, 2021 and had Two a Boy and a girl.

The first picture is her white Buck Casper, Cream marking on legs lots of grey and black markings across his face back and legs, he has Blue eyes. Casper is $425.00 Buck  SOLD:  Thanks Alexandra from Ava Missouri


Bonnies Doeling is Biscuit she is a multi colored Buckskin with black brown and white Blue eyes. Biscuit is $425.00 Doeling  SOLD :  Thanks Allison from Dittmer Missouri  




Lucky was bred to Oreo 1*M 1*D Oreo is SOLD: $500.00 Thanks Allison from Dittmer, Missouri 

Oreo kidded March 12,2021 and had two a buck and a doe.

The first picture is her Buckling Bandit. He is black and white brown eyes. Bandit is $350.00 Buck   Bandit is Sold


Oreos doeling is LuLu. Lulu is multi colored and flashy brown black and white.  Blue eyes. Lulu is $450.00 Doeling. Sold : Thanks Mikayla from Bowling Green, Missouri



Willy was bred to Spice  Spice is SOLD: $450.00 Thanks Melissa from Seymour, Missouri 

 Spice will be available for sale for $450.00 after She has weaned her kids. She has a super amazing pedigree. Spice kidded quads April 1st one still born Buckling and three Brown eyed Buckskin doelings all are nursing on the Momma.

The first picture is a brown eyed buckskin doeling.  Lily is $400.00 Doeling  Sold: Thanks Kasity & Dillon from Dexter, Mssouri.


The second Doeling is a brown eyed buckskin Doeling.  Tulip is $400.00 Doeling  Sold: Thanks Daniel & Tonya from Holden, Missouri.


Spice's Third girl is a Brown eyed Buckskin Doeling.      Daisy is  $400.00 Doeling  Sold:  Thanks Nathan & Allison from Wentzville, Missouri



 Latte 1*M 1*D SOLD 

Latte earned her milk stars as a first freshener last year and had a whooping 7.3 percent butterfat. She was a bottle baby and is a very nice doe and super friendly.  She is $500.00  SOLD :  Thanks Bradley & Kayla from Springfield Missouri


Willy was bred to Tyanne  Tyanne is Sold: $550.00 thanks Daniel & Tonya from Holden , Mo

Tyanne did it again she kidded Quintuplets (5) on March 22,2021 her second freshing and her second breeding. She had four Bucklings and One doeling. She had Quintuplets as a first freshener March of 2019 as well. We have three nursing on Tyanne and Two in the house as bottle babies. The first Three pictures are all nursing on Tyanne.

The first picture below is her only girl Cheyenne. She is a white couclair with Blues eyes. Cheyenne doeling is $425.00    Sold : Thanks Cara from Joplin, Missouri 


The second cou clair looks almost identical to Cheyenne. He has blue eyes. His name is Teddy and he is $425.00 Teddy is sold: Thanks Chandler & |Nicole from Centralia, Mo


The third picture is a buckskin Buck . He will look just like his sire Willy and he has brown eyes. His name is Willy Wonka and he is $350.00 Buck  SOLD: Thanks Gordon & Clara from Buffalo, Mo


The last two pictures look almost identical both are buckskin Bucks with blue eyes and they are both being Bottle fed. Picture below is Teacup a Blue eyed  buckskin Buck. Buck   Bottle baby Teacup is DECEASED and no longer with Us. He died at midnight Saturday March 27th at 5 days old. He was just to week and small to go any longer.


Last but not least another bottle baby buckskin Buck with blue eyes. His name is Hopper as he is adorable, Carolyn's favorite. He hops around everywhere lives in the house and follows everybody is trained to pea on his pea pad.   Hopper is also $400.00 Hopper is Sold: Thanks Chandler & Nicole from Centralia, Mo 





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