Male : Bandit  3/12/21  For sale: $$350.00   SOLD

We have one 2021 Buck kid left for sale: His name is Bandit.  He is a Black and white pinto with brown eyes has been disbudded. He comes with a 4 year old super friendly Wether named George

Lucky Birthday 02/02/2017 SOLD $600.00    LUCKY Has been sold and has a new home in Cincinnati, OHIO

He is a grandson of Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood. He is a broken buckskin, Brownish red, black and white with blue eyes. His pedigree can be seen on the Herd sires page. 


Autumn Birthday 02/21/2016    $600.00   SOLD

Blue eyed Roan with wattles 20 3/4 tall. Her pedigree can be seen on Dams page  2

Has her 1*M / 1* D milk stars 3.8 lbs milk 5.9 butterfat 


Rosa Belle 1*M/1*D   B.O.D   01/04/2017  Rosa is SOLD $600.00

Rosa has both her milk stars and is a Black and white pinto with blue eyes. Rosa s pedigree can be seen on dams page 3.

19 1/8 tall 4.1 lbs milk 4.81% butterfat

Rosa is a direct daughter to the 2009 AGS Reserve National Champion Buck MCH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues


We also have all kids of goat supplies available for sale 

Heated Buckets

Hay feeders

Pruining sheers

Tee Posts

16 ft hog panes

 5 ft iron mesh gates

10 ft gates

and more







Nigerian Dwarfs

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